How can I get a free subdomain of a premium domain name?

You can’t.

Yet you may be able to use a subdomain of a premium domain name free of charge (at zero cost) … if you qualify.

There are quite a few qualification standards, but first and foremost you MUST host the content of the site yourself (with a dedicated server adderss — so called “dotted decimals”). If you cannot meet this technical qualification, then don’t even bother applying. If you can meet this qualification you can apply via the contact page using the subject line:

marketingadvertising freesubdomain of DOMAINNAME

replace “DOMAINNAME” with the premium domain name for which you wish to use a free subdomain

There are several qualification standards, and if you violate any of these, you will be immediately disqualified. Use of a free subdomain is a privilege, not a right. This privilege can be revoked at any time without reason or notification.

In some cases, we may also highlight the subdomain on the premium domain name’s homepage (or also on other domains). Likewise, such recognition is a privilege, not a right.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Good luck! 😀